Hi I’m Barbara Glover. I’m a contemporary Australian portrait photographer. I specialise in producing high-quality portraits that you will treasure for generations to come.

Women’s portraiture is my speciality, but I also love to photograph men, children and the elderly. Children for their spontaneous, unpredictable explosions of character, families for the intimacy and love they show for one another, and the elderly for their unhurried poise and intuitive outlook on life. For me, every person I work with is unique and I use all my skill to uncover my clients’ individuality using light, texture and colour in a way only a professional portrait photographer can.

Visit the portfolio page for examples of my work or contact me to discuss your requirements and let me show you how we can make your event extra special, I will ensure that your special occasion is relaxed, professional and trouble-free

Warm regards,
Barbara Glover
Barbara Glover - Photographer


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